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Black Laboratories LLC specializes in the development of novel engineering materials. Our core competencies are materials and process development, microstructural characterization, and large strain plasticity modeling.

Utilizing the latest examination, measurement and simulation technologies, our goal is to see theoretical concepts through to practical application. Modern analytical methods, developed within the last decade, have had an enormous impact on materials research and development. This is particularly true with regard to our understanding and control of materials processes. We have teamed with university, government and industrial research organizations to bring these capabilities to bear on engineering problems needed for advancements in basic science, commercial technologies, and in our quality of life.

We are currently involved in research targeting a variety of applications, including: superconducting materials for the high energy physics community, high-strength alloys for aerospace and automotive designs, and nano-structured materials for environmental remediation.

We have ongoing research activities utilizing the following analytical methods:

Optical, Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopies
High Resolution Electron Microscopy
Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
Electron Backscattered Diffraction
Microtexture Analysis
Hardness, Microhardness and Nanoindentation
Tensile Properties
Fracture Toughness
X-ray Diffraction
Galvanostatic and Potentiostatic Measurements for Electrochemistry
Atomic Force Microscopy

Finite Element Analysis